Nature Iceland launched in English

Nature Iceland launched in English
The river Ţjórsá. Photo: Thorsten Henn

Nature Iceland launched in English

Nature Iceland launched in English

Now that the Nature Iceland map has been launched in English, not only Icelanders but the whole world can get an overview of the treasures found in Icelandic nature as well as the threats Iceland's nature faces due to dozens of proposed power projects. Hopefully, this will enable the ever-growing group of people wanting to protect Iceland to reach their goal of an unspoilt country.

The most beautiful places are also the richest in energy. We have to make a choice – do we want to protect them or do we want to ruin them in order to exploit their energy?

We still have untouched highlands, but they are not to be taken for granted.

Information and knowledge of the wonders of the land, as well as the proposed power projects that threaten them, have not been available to the common Icelanders, let alone those who admire the country but do not speak the language. 

Therefore, the Nature Iceland map becomes a precious key in Iceland's conservation, as the lack of an overview and false reports of Iceland being an unlimited source of power has stood in the way of protecting the country's nature. 

All major nature conservation organisations have united in the pledge of preserving the untouched central highlands. And it would be a great step to take if we were to be able to preserve this natural wonder for the generations to come.

"You only protect what you love, you only love what you know, you only know what you are taught", the environmental activist Guđmundur Páll Ólafsson said at the launch of the Icelandic version of the Nature Iceland map in 2008.

“Get to know Iceland and if it touches your heart help protect it”

Those are the words of encouragement from FutureIceland that today has launched the Nature Iceland map. Iceland's best known photographers have provided pictures of the sites, scientists have written about them and the Pálmi Jónsson Nature Conservation Fund, the Protect the Garden concert, the Icelandic Environment Association, the Iceland Nature Conservation Association and the Icelandic Ministry for the Environment have all helped with funding to make this possible.

The Nature Iceland map can be found here.

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