Gálgahraun Concert

Gálgahraun Concert

Last year a large group of people in Iceland that called themselves "Hraunavinir" (friends of the lava) tried to stop the building of a road over the protected lava field Gálgahraun near Hafnarfjörđur, 10 km from the capital Reykjavík. This lavafield was immortalised by the 20th century painter Jóhannes Kjarval.

The protests resulted in many individuals being arrested and taken to prison, some for a few hours and others over night. Nine of the arrested protesters were accused of disobeying the police. In a recent court hearing these nine protesters were sentenced to each pay 100,000 ISK fine and 150,000 ISK in legal fees.

The well-known Icelandic singer Bubbi Morthens will, on Wednesday October 29 at 8:30pm, host a concert in their support at Háskólabíó theatre in Reykjavík.

The purpose of the concert is to raise funds for the nine accused and to show solidarity with their cause by enjoying music.

All musicians are volunteering and giving their time free of charge:

Spađar Band
Uni Stefson
Snorri Helgasson
Jónas Sig
Pétur Ben
Prins Póló
Hallveig Rúnarsdóttir opera singer
Bubbi Morthens

For further information contact Bubbi Morthens (tel. +354 896 4666, email bubbi@bubbi.is)

You can buy tickets to the event at http://midi.is/tonleikar/1/8580 and on the door.


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