Why Nature Iceland?

Why Nature Iceland?

The Nature Iceland map provides an overview of those areas where proposals for power projects have been put forth, as well as those areas which would be impacted by such proposals indirectly, as laid out in the 2nd phase of the Master Plan for Hydro and Geothermal Energy Resources. This list of potentially exploitable resources was compiled by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry for the Environment.

The Master Plan discussed 80 power proposals which were divided into three categories: a. Protected - those areas that are to be conserved; b. To be exploited - those areas where permission has been granted for power projects; c. Awaiting further assessment - those areas where further research is considered necessary before a decision is made.

In order to provide more comprehensive coverage, we have added a fourth category here on the FutureIceland website: Harnessed. This category covers those areas which have already been partially or fully exploited for power production.

More comprehensive coverage of selected areas and power proposals can be found below. The areas can be viewed according to the Master Plan classification or according to location.

The Nature Iceland project is supported by funding from the Pálmi Jónsson Nature Conservation Fund.


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